Graduate Software
Why us?

Are you a budding software developer with a hunger for knowledge and a passion for innovation? If so, the JourneyOne Graduate Software Developer Program is the perfect platform for you to embark on a transformative 12-month journey.

At JourneyOne, we are committed to producing confident, competent developers who can lead by example. Our true measure of success is your mastery, the flow of your work, and the lifelong career satisfaction that you will experience. If you are ready to take your software developer career to the next level, apply for our graduate program, and embark on a journey of growth, innovation, and lifelong learning. Join us and be a part of the future of software development.

Immersive Learning Environment
At JourneyOne, we believe in learning by doing. Our graduates work alongside seasoned senior developers and stakeholders on our strategic roadmapping startup, gaining hands-on, real-world experience from day one. This immersive learning environment is where you'll put your skills to the test and see your knowledge come to life.
Self-Directed Study Sessions
We provide you with dedicated time for self-directed learning, allowing you to explore areas of interest and delve into programming language design, runtime environments, and functional programming fundamentals
Industry-Leading Content
Our program offers curated, interactive self-directed coursework from industry-leading platforms like FrontendMasters,, and CSS for JS Developers. This content complements your learning journey and keeps you updated with the latest trends.
Mastery of AWS and Cloud Technologies
Mastery of AWS and Cloud Technologies: With a focus on cloud technologies, you'll learn to build complex applications and manage them in the cloud. From AWS CLI to CloudFormation and CDK, you'll become proficient in Infrastructure as Code and cloud-based solutions.
Diverse Learning Opportunities
In our program, you'll dive into a wide range of learning experiences, including engaging with product owners, participating in a weekly book club covering seminal texts, delivering lightning talks, and attending "Brain School" sessions and AWS workshops. These diverse opportunities will broaden your knowledge and skills.
Engaged Product Owners
In our program, you'll interact with a dedicated and invested product owner. This direct connection to the heart of the product ensures you learn to code with a deep understanding of the business goals and user needs.
Working with JourneyOne

JourneyOne is a team of problem solvers. We provide consulting services in strategy development, architecture, agile ways of working, lean portfolio management, product innovation, software development, and more. Our clients span a range of industries: green energy, startups, MedTech, resources, higher education, health, and government, to cover but a few.

JourneyOne is not your typical consultancy, and this comes down to how the business was founded on a robust and sincere set of principles and values. These are shared by all our people and guide our every decision. We are not driven by KPIs and sales margins; we are driven by the achievement of only two metrics: are our clients having a remarkable journey with us, and are our own people having a remarkable journey?

This is our promise to you, should you join our team as a graduate developer: a remarkable journey.

Program Timeline
Program Kickoff
What can I expect?
The program kicks off with an engaging 3-day JourneyOne induction. Here, you'll have the opportunity to connect with fellow new team members, immerse yourself in our team's culture and core values, and also receive your brand-new laptop and welcome pack.
Begin your learning journey
What will I learn?
As you embark on your journey in our graduate program, we recognise that every participant brings a unique set of skills and experiences. Before diving into the exciting world of our software product, Jibility, you'll embark on a comprehensive learning path encompassing key technologies such as Git, JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux, CSS, NodeJS, and functional programming. Throughout the duration of the graduate program, you will engage in enriching activities, including immersive book club sessions, dynamic lightning talks, in-house teaching, and immersive cloud workshops. As a valued member of our broader developer community at JourneyOne, you'll be an active participant in our bi-weekly Dev Day, where our team shares insights and experiences gained from diverse client projects. At JourneyOne, we are strong advocates of test-driven development (TDD), and we host regular TDD workshops to nurture and refine your development skills. We wholeheartedly emphasise the importance of continuous learning. As part of your journey, each graduate is granted three hours per week for self-directed study to ensure ongoing growth and development.
Start working on our very own start-up
What is it like working on Jibility?
We firmly believe in practising what we teach. Throughout the graduate program, the knowledge and skills you acquire will be immediately applied as you actively contribute to our global SaaS product, Jibility. You'll collaborate closely with the product owner and senior developers to implement new features and solutions that directly address the genuine needs of our customers.
Learn more about Jibility
Get Cloud certified
Why is it important to be Cloud competent?
Being Cloud competent is crucial because it equips you with the skills needed to navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape. Cloud technologies underpin modern software development, and competence in this area enhances your career prospects, enabling you to tackle real-world challenges, stay competitive, and future-proof your expertise.
First steps as a consultant
Learn about Product Factory
Product Factory is the software consulting arm of JourneyOne. In Product Factory you help clients by delivering high-quality software solutions to address their critical business needs. Our clients operate in a range of sectors, from education, mining, healthcare and medical technology. Towards the end of the graduate program, you will be equipped with all the skills required to be a productive member of a software delivery team. Let the journey begin!
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Some of our regular activities

Brain School

Brain school is designed to deepen your understanding across a range of foundational topics. These sessions are lead by senior developers with exercises and activities to help cement your understanding.

The workshops will cover about subjects such as:


Web Authentication





API Design

Web Application Architectures

Lightning Talks

Lightning talks are short (15-20 minutes) presentations to your graduate cohort on a topic of your choosing.

These help you develop your presentation and public speaking skills, honing your ability to explain complex technical concepts. The best way to learn something is to teach it!

Some examples of lightning talks from previous graduates:

Generator Functions

Writing Better Tests


CSS Colours

Unity and Unreal Engine



Accessibility Standards


Reading is a great way to unlock a world of limitless knowledge. We have selected a collection of texts covering ground breaking ideas and the latest trends in software delivery.

Domain Driven Design (Eric Evans)

Clean Code (Robert C. Martin)

Clean Architecture (Robert C. Martin)

Refactoring (Martin Fowler)

You will connect with your fellow graduates, share insights and learn how to apply these ideas in your day-to-day work.

AWS Workshop

Through hands on workshops we will cover the cloud fundamentals and work our way up to deploying highly scalable, reliable cloud-native applications.

You will learn about the most important tools and concepts within the AWS ecosystem, such as:


Command Line Interface (CLI)

Cloud Development Kit



So when it comes time to get certified or to design and build a cloud native solution for a client, you will be able to draw on real world experience with the AWS platform.

TDD Workshops

Test-Driven Development (TDD) workshops are vital training sessions in the software development world. TDD is a methodology where tests are created before writing the actual code, ensuring that the code meets the desired functionality.

Weekly TDD workshops reinforce the importance of test-driven development. Apply TDD to commonly used utilities and even open-source libraries like React and RxJs. What better way to understand a library than to rebuild it under test?

Hear from some of our previous graduates
What do we look for in our graduates?

We recognise that you may be at the initial stages of your software development journey. While we do anticipate a foundational level of technical proficiency, we hold the following qualities in high regard as essential for your progression into a sought-after and skilled software professional.

Inquisitive Mind

You have a deep curiosity about how things work and a desire to understand them from fundamental principles.

Driven and Dedicated

You take ownership of your tasks and exert exceptional effort to achieve outstanding results.

Collaborative Team Member

You thrive in a team environment, actively sharing knowledge and learning from your colleagues.

Adaptable and Open-Minded

You confidently form opinions while remaining receptive to new perspectives.

Effective Communicator

You can articulate complex ideas with clarity and empathy.

2024 Applications are now closed

Our 2025 graduate program will be announced on LinkedIn when applications open later in the year.

Please Note:

This is a hybrid role and candidates must be based in Perth, WA.

Applicants must have full working rights in Australia.

Recruitment agencies should note that we do not accept unsolicited CVs.